Construction Updates

April 1, 2021

  • Added pavers on Race Street turnaround and Mehring Way steps
  • Installed drainage system in park
  • Installed benches and light posts in park area and planted trees in boxes

March 15, 2021

  • Removed scaffolding and added finishing touches to the stage
  • Added pavers and installed drainage system in park area
  • Installed escalators

March 1, 2021

  • Installed wood flooring on stage
  • Finished drywall and painted black box area
  • Finished Installation of bathroom fixtures
  • Added fixtures and finishes to bar and merchandise areas

February 15, 2021

  • Painted stage area and prepared for installation of wood flooring
  • Finished installation of exterior glass on Southwest corner
  • Finished installation of seats in balcony areas

February 1, 2021

  • Installed drywall around event floor and balcony areas
  • Painted structural steel, railings and metal mesh system
  • Continued applying finishes to bathroom and indoor bar areas

January 15, 2021

  • Installed elevator in public lounge area
  • Began painting black box and metal mesh sections
  • Prepared balconies for upcoming seat installation

December 2020

  • Installed and turned on ceiling lights over stage and balconies
  • Began painting walls and installing metal mesh wall system
  • Began laying tile in bathrooms

November 2020

  • Installed glass panels on Southeast and Southwest corners
  • Reached exterior completion milestone
  • Supplied permanent power to interior
  • Began installing drywall in event floor rooms

October 2020

  • Installed railings on balcony risers
  • Treated ceiling with acoustical spray
  • Poured interior stairs and Race Street curbs
  • Began installation of thermal panels and perforated metal panels

September 2020

  • Completed high roof of venue
  • Installed panels on West side
  • Poured stage area on Level 2
  • Began installation of pipes, acoustic treatment, and fans

August 2020

  • Installed uppermost piece of steel and celebrated topping out
  • Continued laying panels on South Mechanical roof
  • Began setting frames for two escalators with crane

July 2020

  • Set trusses for roof framing and began laying material for upper roof
  • Installed prefab panels for exterior skin on South end of building
  • Completed masonry work on first level of venue
  • Began erecting steel structure on North end of venue

June 2020

  • Installed precast risers on both balconies as foundation for seating
  • Poured concrete floors for concession, restroom, and lobby areas
  • Began exterior framing to support installation of trusses

May 2020

  • Erected steel structure to frame South side of building
  • Poured concrete slab on metal decks to support balcony on Levels 4 & 5
  • Began mechanical construction and insulation, drywall, & acoustical ceiling projects

April 2020

  • Finished pouring concrete for third level of the venue which will support the box office and venue entry
  • Received first delivery of structural steel and began work on structure that will support the two balconies
  • Commenced masonry work on stage, partition walls, and egress stairs inside the venue

March 2020

  • Finished pouring concrete podium for first level of the venue
  • Began pouring columns to support box office and venue entry levels
  • Continued the rough-ins for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems

February 2020

  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems (MEPS) rough-ins began. These are the pathways that will eventually hold various service lines like sanitation, electric, water and more.
  • Started the elevated concrete slab

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